Global AIDS Action Week - Endorse

What is Global AIDS Action Week?

April 17-21 is a week dedicated to taking action and drawing attention to all the political points of opportunity to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. In our current political landscape there are endless opportunities to act for a more just world. We at Health GAP and Student Global AIDS Campaign (SGAC) are committed to ending the AIDS epidemic through informed advocacy and direct action, and we need you to join us.

Why Global AIDS?

Over three decades of activism has brought us from plague to full, healthy life with HIV treatment. Activism has put drugs into bodies, disseminated effective prevention, created PEPFAR and the Global Fund, and formed one of the most successful social movements in US history with many moving parts, still hard at work today. We just won a HUGE victory in the fight against HIV in the US: Trumpcare is dead. Activists and advocates (you) made that happen. We need the next victory to be increased funding for people with HIV internationally to achieve treatment on demand. The US has lead the global AIDS response, and we are committed to fight until treatment for all is a reality.

Under the Trump administration we are facing uncertainty for the fate of the global epidemic. Before trump took office we were on track to have 30 million people on treatment by 2020, doubling the number of people currently on treatment. Intel points towards the protection of funding for PEPFAR and the Global Fund, we have to stay vigilant.

How do I participate?

Participate by signing up as an organizational co-sponsor below or as an individual leader in your district. By co-sponsoring, you are committing to taking action alongside hundreds of other people. We are sending out suggested actions for the week, and don’t feel restricted by the suggested day. Take the action on the day which makes the most sense to you, just make sure you are using the hashtag #ActToEndAIDS when you publicize.

Will your organization endorse?

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