Fund the Fight Lobbying Kit

1. We Can End AIDS by 2030. But Will We?  

- Brief one-pager describing our asks for FY 2018 Appropriations.

2. The World Could End AIDS if it Tried 

- Recent, strong New York Times editorial

3. Global AIDS Funding Infographic

- Health GAP's infographic showing the reasons for our funding demands

4. 10 Things Every Capitol Hill Staffer Should Know About Global AIDS

- Nice, easy-to-read leave-behind from the Global AIDS Policy Partnership

5. Myths & Facts of Donor Funding for the global AIDS response

- This could either be printed out and included with your packet, or sent in a follow up email after your meeting.
 1_Myths___Facts_Donor_Funding_for_Global_AIDS.jpg  2_Myths___Facts_Donor_Funding_for_Global_AIDS.jpg  3_Myths___Facts_Donor_Funding_for_Global_AIDS.jpg
 4_Myths___Facts_Donor_Funding_for_Global_AIDS.jpg 5_Myths___Facts_Donor_Funding_for_Global_AIDS.jpg  6_Myths___Facts_Donor_Funding_for_Global_AIDS.jpg 


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