End Global AIDS: Tell Congress to Reject Trump’s Deadly Budget

Trump just proposed an immediate $300 million cut to global AIDS programs by refusing treatment to new patients. This is a line in the sand, and we need to make sure our Members of Congress know we won't stand for slowing down the pace of treatment for people with AIDS. PEPFAR was created because activists demanded it--and it has completely changed the face of the AIDS epidemic. Trump’s bankrupt proposal would be a humanitarian disaster, costing thousands of lives by insisting fewer people be given life-saving treatment, and Congress has the obligation to ignore it. Our Members of Congress make the budget, not the president, and we have the opportunity to demand what we really need for global AIDS: increased funding to end the epidemic.

Appropriators in Congress have said nothing publicly to either assure voters they will fully fund them with a needed increase of $700 million for 2018, nor that they will even protect PEPFAR and Global Fund from deadly cuts. To learn more, check out this post on our blog.

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"Hello, my name is _______ and I live in ____. I’m a voter and I am concerned about the global AIDS epidemic. I’m calling today because President Trump plans to cut PEPFAR funding by $300 million by refusing life-saving HIV treatment to new patients. It is morally wrong to let people die, and fiscally foolish to take steps we know will lead to millions of new infections. Will Senator/Representative ______ commit to refusing a cut in global AIDS funding, and instead demand $700 million in increased funding for PEPFAR to close the funding gap and end the epidemic by 2030?"


"That's reassuring. Please thank [Senator/Representative NAME]. Please ask [the Senator/Representative] to make a public statement to that effect. I would appreciate if you could follow up with me if there are any updates on this issue. I can be reached at [provide your contact info]. Thank you!" 


"That's disappointing. I understand that the current fiscal environment is challenging, however millions of lives will be lost if we turn our backs now. I want [Senator/Representative NAME] to be able to at least guarantee me that we will not slow down the rates of new people getting HIV treatment. Please remind [the Senator/Representative] that this is the moment to speed up the response, not slow down - we either invest now or pay forever. I would appreciate if you could follow up with me. I can be reached at [provide your contact info]. Thank you."


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