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The Latest from Health GAP

Dedicated to eliminating barriers to global access to affordable life-sustaining medications for people living with HIV/AIDS  


Durban Reflections | The Threat of Big Pharma's Monopoly Unbound

India – "the pharmacy of the developing world" – is under attack, threatening access to medicines around the world.



Words Matter: A New United Nations Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS

Jamila Headley reminds us of the power of activists to demand action from those in power to end the AIDS pandemic in our lifetime.



Nothing About Us Without Us: How activists can claim their role in PEPFAR decision-making

Maureen Milanga explains how activists in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, and Zimbabwe are working to ensure that PEPFAR program plans reflect community priorities. 



Presidential Candidates, Don't Pull the Wool Over Our Eyes on HIV

Emily Sanderson talks about what each must do to improve their platforms on HIV/AIDS. 


Health GAP and over 50 other public health groups call on Congress to Stop the TPP 

Read the story then check out the letter here


globe_dice.pngDEAR UNAIDS: Magical thinking on who will fund the AIDS response will not end the epidemic

Matt Kavanagh responds to UNAIDS new resource needs estimates. 



The Next President Has A Narrow Window to End Global AIDS 

Hilary McQuie explains why the next president of the United States has a historic opportunity. 



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