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Dedicated to eliminating barriers to global access to affordable life-sustaining medications for people living with HIV/AIDS 


Presidential Candidates: Don't Pull the Wool Over Our Eyes on HIV Funding
Health GAP's Emily Sanderson talks about what each must do to improve their platforms on HIV/AIDS. 

Health GAP and over 50 other public health groups call on Congress to Stop the TPP 
Read the story then check out the letter here


globe_dice.pngDEAR UNAIDS: Magical thinking on who will fund the AIDS response will not end the epidemic  
Health GAP's Matt Kavanagh responds to UNAIDS new resource needs estimates. 


2016electionsquare.pngThe Next President Has A Narrow Window to End Global AIDS

Health GAP's Hilary McQuie explains why the next president of the United States has a historic opportunity 



mapsmallsquare.pngHealth GAP and partners release report for World AIDS Day: Towards Treatment on Demand for All



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