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Health GAP (Global Access Project) is dedicated to eliminating barriers to global access to affordable life-sustaining medications for people living with HIV/AIDS.



Setting Advocacy Priorities: PEPFAR Country Operational Plans 2017

Health GAP joins other global AIDS organizations in Johannesburg, South Africa for the PEPFAR Country Operational Plan reviews.


Trump Sends Chilling Proposal to Congress with Deadly Proposition --  Cap HIV Treatment Expansion Immediately

Health GAP's Hilary McQuie begs the question: What could be a worse strategy for combatting AIDS worldwide?

Health_GAP_Button-06.pngWe wouldn't be here without ACT UP

Today we honor ACT UP and the amazing activists who have fought and won hard battles and changed the course of history for people around the world living with HIV.


It’s up to Congress to protect millions of people living with HIV around the world

Health GAP's Jamila Headley calls on Congress to defend America’s proud legacy—and the lives of millions of people abroad.

Health_GAP_Button-06.pngHow activists transformed the TPP from a done-deal to dead-on-arrival

Health GAP’s Brook Baker illustrates the power of strategic grassroots activism and unrelenting policy analysis.




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