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The Latest from Health GAP

Dedicated to eliminating barriers to global access to affordable life-sustaining medications for people living with HIV/AIDS  


How Botswana Made Me an Activist

Student Global AIDS Campaign fellow Rebecca Abelman reflects on how her activism is informed by time she spent as a medical student in Botswana.



Missing: Trump's Global AIDS Plan

Health GAP’s Brittany Herrick reminds us that, with two U.S. presidential debates down and only one to go, we are still missing Trump’s plan to end the AIDS pandemic.



Philippines: A Bloody Drug Crackdown, A Surging HIV Epidemic

Health GAP’s Hilary McQuie writes about the bloody crackdown on suspected Filipino drug users. Check it out and sign the petition calling on President Obama and Secretary Kerry to speak out.



Fuzzy Math at the Global Fund

Health GAP’s Matthew Kavanagh has three urgent questions for the Global Fund and explains why $13 billion might not be $13 billion and why it’s insufficient even if it is.



Durban Reflections: In the eyes of one Student Global AIDS Campaigner

Nestor Ramos, an activist from California, reflects on key moments in Durban.



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